Payment Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Payment & Discounts

Unless otherwise stated in correspondance from Hi-Speed Networking Pty Ltd (herin referred to as Hi-Speed), any discounts offered by Hi-Speed are done so on the condition that all invoices are settled in full within 14 days from date of invoice.

All invoices become due and payable in full with 30 days of date of invoice.

Any disputes or issues that the customer feels arise from work performed by Hi-Speed Networking, must be raised in writing, within 30 days of date of invoice. Disputes or issues raised after this period will not be recognised by Hi-Speed.

You agree that Hi-Speed has the right to recover all costs for debt recovery, and to charge interest at the current commercial rate, as well as court costs, and any out of pocket expenses costs.

 All Hi-Speed invoices have a reference to these "Terms and Conditions" printed at the bottom and these Terms & Conditions are further accepted by you, (the customer), upon payment of any invoice to Hi-Speed for all future transactions and invoicing.

Typically our invoices may also contain part of these payment terms and conditions and any other special conditions that maybe applicable to you. 

Hi-Speed's rates are nominally $250 per Hour inclusive of GST, and discounts are typically offered to regular customers if payments and made in full within 14 Days from date of invoice, as stated above.

Hi-Speed also reserves the right to refuse service or help to any customer, if any previous invoices have not been paid in full.

MessageLabs, Domain names, Web & Mail hosting and Data Backup services, are invoiced and payable in advance and these services will be disconnected if payment is not received but the invoice due date.

Unless otherwise agreed with Hi-Speed, all maintainance agreements, hardware & software, is invoiced and payable in advance of receiving the product or agreement.

All hardware and software remains the property of Hi-Speed untill paid in full. 



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