I request Hi-Speed Networking Pty. Ltd. &/or its representative(s) to carry out services in regards to my computer(s) &/or system(s).

 I acknowledge that Hi-Speed Networking Pty. Ltd. strongly advises that I ensure that all my data is up-to-date & backed-up before any service is performed, and that I am responsible for carrying out my own back-up(s) and for ensuring the integrity of those back-up(s).

 I acknowledge that Hi-Speed Networking Pty. Ltd. &/or its representatives cannot be held responsible for any loss of data or software, or consequential damages or effects resulting from loss of or damage to any data or software.

This includes Internet software programs that may or may not have security holes, Bugs and exploits that could cause loss or damage to private or corporate software and/or data. Whilst our technicians may install software at the request of the user, we typically make no recommendations as to which software the user should use. We will endeavour to explain with the best of our knowledge, at the time, to the user the potential dangers of using some software programs on the Internet, particularly e-mail and browser packages.

We leave the final choice or selection of the software package to the user.

 In authorising Hi-Speed Networking Pty. Ltd. &/or its representatives to carry out any services involving loading &/or reloading of software &/or any operating systems I also declare that I legally hold the necessary software licenses. I have read and agree to all the conditions of those licenses. Alternatively, if I have not read the license agreement, I authorise Hi-Speed Networking Pty. Ltd. &/or its representatives to accept the terms & conditions of the license on my behalf.

 I am also aware that in accepting those license agreements that the manufacturer of the relevant package also has disclaimers for loss of or damage to & consequential damage to any data or software or operating system.

 I also declare to Hi-Speed Networking Pty. Ltd. &/or its representatives that I hold the original serial, registration, or license numbers and will supply them as & when requested to do so.

 Hi-Speed Networking Pty. Ltd. specifically excludes consequential loss arising post 1 January 2000 due to any non-compliance with Y2K protocols.

 I am aware that Hi-Speed Networking Pty Ltd allows an “Early Payment” discount for labour, unless otherwise noted, if invoices are paid within 14 days of invoice date. If invoice is not finalised within 14 days then the full amount becomes due and payable. The discount rate and amount will be clearly shown on my invoice.

 I also agree to Hi-Speed Networking Pty. Ltd. &/or its representatives to continue to hold this authority & I also agree to continue to abide by these conditions for any further service provided by Hi-Speed Networking Pty. Ltd. &/or its representatives until such time as I withdraw this authority in writing.

Warranties and Returns

Warranty on all hardware is ultimately held with the manufacturer of that hardware and Hi-Speed passes that warranty onto you, the customer directly. Typically the warranty period may start from the date Hi-Speed purchases your hardware, however, in many cases the warranty may start from the date of your invoice from Hi-Speed.

In the case of second hand equipment there may, or may not, be a warranty either expressed or implied. However some second hand equipment may be purchased on your behalf in a refurbished or reconditioned state, which may carry a warranty from our supplier which may be passed onto you the customer.

There is typically no warranty provided on software products.

Refunds will only be considered if items purchased are in their unopened, original packages that can be resold in an as new condition, providing the item has not been ordered in specifically for your needs.

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